Visiting Harvest Time Christian Church

We Live, We Love,We Serve

Pastor Curtiss Ostosh

Planning a Visit - Our Beliefs

Welcome to Harvest Time Christian Church. 

Parking maybe a little tight, park across the street. 

The Bus Stops at our parking lot. 

Expect to be greeted with a fresh beverage and a sweet treat.

Enjoy time in the Word and make new friends. Please fill out a information card if you would.

We are a Christian Church.  Food is given at every service.

No need to prove income, just our way of showing the love of Christ.

About US

Harvest Time Christian Fellowship Church 

  We are passionate followers of Jesus and use His word as the guide for our lives. We demonstrate the love  of God to our community through a number of outreach ministry initiatives. 

We have been serving the community in many way over the last 28 years. 

We are located in the heart of the City of Warren. 

Serving God and Helping People.

Harvest Time Outreach Ministry has a huge food distribution center.  Providing hot meals Wednesday and Sundays, along with take home food Ministry.  We are committed to Serving everyone with compassion, generosity and  respect.

Pastor Curtiss Ostosh

2018 The Best of Mich Business  

Non Profit Beacon Award


Curtiss Ostosh


Senior Pastor

Harvest Time Christian Fellowship